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“Constant Creative Curiosity” 


 “Classic aesthetic and Manufacture appreciation”



Over the last two decades the footwear market has been vanishing inherent elements on its products, massive, cheaper and unethical production have desensitized us about the real value of an artisan work.


VINTOS is committed to recover the traditional manufacture, where all the elements weave the precise atmosphere to create pieces with character that reclaims the recognition of the craftsmanship. 

"Now let me tell you about our shoes"

Our designs are guided by a contemporaneous composition, functionality and comfort, influenced by the 1900s war-work boots, invariably complemented by the essence of our brand: "A touch of vintage sophistication".    

All our styles are conceived UNISEX, during fabrication we define gender by using different shoe tree for her or for him.



All of our pieces are finely designed and handcrafted in our workshop by ourselves (2nd generation of cordwainers), we are part of every step on the process of the shoe construction so we witness quality.


Our boots and shoes are HAND GOODYEAR WELTED, they are leather lined to provide more hygiene and they are soled with a thick solid leather which gives the shoe strength and elegance.


All the leather and material are thoroughly selected to achieve quality under three precise criteria: Durability, comfort and minimal environmental impact. 

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