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Do you do custom orders?

Sure! The 80% of our orders are custom, we can customize from tiny details to create your own dream boot, we can add zippers, straps, different soles to any of our styles or develop from scratch your own design. 


I have unique fitting requirements, can you help me?

Definitely, we can accomodate any requirement and make the needed adjustments on the boot to fit a unique foot shape or orthotics.


Free of charge customizations 

A standard order includes the following customizations:

-Leather color (depends on availability)

-Welt (edge of the sole) finish color

-Metal hardware color (depends on availability)

-Calf circumference customization



Our boots are true to size, if you have a solid size number you can safely order that size, if you’re between sizes we recommend to size up. If you’re not sure of your size, the safest is to get in touch with customer service to provide measurements.

Usually, when the fit is not perfect, thinner / thicker socks or an insole can fix the problem.

Whenever possible have your foot measured with a Brannock device by a shoe care professional. 

Leather color

All the leather colors and textures used in the items in our shop are available, if you have a particular color in mind, let us know, it’s very likely we can get something similar with our local suppliers. 

Are the boots warranted?

All our products have a 12 months warranty against defects in material and production as a result of normal wear, please contact us and we’ll take care of that.  

We can’t be responsible for any defect caused by excessive wear or exposure to intense conditions.

Do you ship international?

Yes, we do, just please consider that Importation fees are not included in our shipping price and should be covered by the recipient in the destination country.

 Are your boots Men’s or Women’s?

All our boots-shoes styles can be made either in men’s or women’s sizes unless otherwise specified. You’ll find all the available sizes options in the size field of the listing (for larger/smaller sizes please contact us).


Do you run sales?

Since our boots are made to order and are made in very limited quantities, sales are not common.

What is the order turnaround time?

Our orders are usually ready in 5-8 weeks but the accurate timeline depends on the complexity of the customization and our workload at the time the order is placed, other factors beyond our hands such as weather or pandemics may delay your order as well. If you need your product for a particular date please get in touch with customer service before placing your order.   

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